How to Disable Doze Mode on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Doze mode was one of the USP's of Android marshmallow. Android had represented this as an advanced feature to save you from a dead phone. This feature automatically shuts your apps n order to prevent your phone from dying. This is certainly a great feature especially when you are out of the station, and you need your phone to be up on running. While it is good for people who are regularly traveling and needs that extra minute battery backup for general people, it is not less than a nightmare.

You might be doing some important task like excel sheet or a powerpoint presentation, and you don't want your phone to stop that app in between ruining your all work. Doze Mode is an excellent feature, and it certainly is, but sometimes we feel the need to just turn this feature off. If you are fed up with this feature and would like to disable Doze mode on your Android, then continue reading. I will teach you how you can disable that.

How to disable Doze Mode on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Above

To disable Doze Mode, you have to follow the below instruction exactly. Please remember to follow it exactly I am saying, or you will mess up the settings.

  • First of all, go to settings by tapping on that setting icon in your menu.
  • Now enter to the battery setting by tapping on battery menu.
  • Tap on that vertical three dots situated at the top right corner and select Battery Optimisation.

  • Here you should see all the apps that your phone has and all of them are selected. This means Doze is active on these apps.
  • To disable Doze for any selected app, simply unselect the app and save that setting.

What this does is it tells your phone not to apply Doze on that particular app. You can do this for as many apps as possible.

Now that you have disabled Doze mode for an app. You will find yourself enjoying your low battery without worrying about Doze killing your app.

Top 3 Educational Sites to Learn New Things From Home

Learning new things is always a better thing. As they say, learning has no age. You can learn anything at any time. This is why we have institutes that allow every person to enroll for any course despite their age. With the entrance of internet, learning becomes more versatile. Now all the things you want to know is just a few clicks away. You can learn almost everything from home without facing the embarrassing that aged people face when they join the university.

Here are 3 top educational sites where you can learn new things almost everyday. These sites allow users like you and me to learn new things in every possible field by providing both free and paid courses.

Top 3 Educational Sites to Learn Something New Everyday

1- English Grammar Book

What could be better than crafting your own command over English? The pain of English grammar is very big for everyone who comes from a non-English speaking country. If you got the time, then I think this is the best place to invest. English Grammer Book is an Android app that teaches various rules of English grammar. It also has some features like note, voice command and many others that one can discover while using the app.


Like grammar, it is also a good idea to increase your vocabulary. We generally encounter at least 2-3 new words everyday that we don't know the meaning. Also, there are words for same meaning that applies in different context. If you want to improve your English speaking capabilities, then you should also consider giving time to along with the English Grammer Book app.


Udemy is an online course platform where individual teachers create and submit their courses. Yo can access some for free while for others you have to buy the courses. This is the great place to find courses from all the popular topics like app development, web design, computer program, basic of computers, learning new things and many other.

These are the sites that I feel is the worth to be in your wish list. You should dedicate some time to every of them. 

How to Remove Memory Card Password with 3 Easy Methods

We all store our important files on a portable storage like Pendrive or memory card to carry with us whenever possible. We store various types of files including photos, videos, documents, presentation and much more. For this nature, we also tend to lock our memory card with other means of security like a password for saving our phone from unauthorized access. Locking a memory card seems to be the best way to save precious data, and it certainly is. But the problem occurs when we forget that password, and we needed that file very badly.

If you came across that kind of situation and now scanning the whole web desperately for a light of hope, then you are at the right place, my friend. In this article, I will teach you some sure shot methods to remove password from memory card.

Before I share the methods, let me first give a huge thanks to my friend Rabin from Tech Tricks Club. I first saw these methods on his blog and after trying myself I came up with this article. And yes I have tried al this methods myself and confirm that these are working if done correctly.

With that being said, let's go to the methods to unblock memory card if you forget the password.

No-1 | Use Android to Unblock Blocked Memory Card

If you have an android phone with the microSD card support them get that phone cause we need that phone to unblock blocked memory card.

  • Download ES File Explorer app on your phone.
  • Locate to System Folder and then a file called 'mmcstore'
  • Copy that file to your computer and open with a simple text editor(Notepad on Windows and TextEdit on Mac).
  • Here you must see your password. Apply that password and your memory should unblock now.

No-2 | Use Nokia s60 Phone

If you can arrange a Nokia s60 device then follow this method.

  • Go to Nokia Store and download any File Explorer app for your Nokia s60.
  • Now insert your card and locate the path 'C:system'
  • Here you should see a file names 'mmcstore'.
  • Now rename that file from 'mmcstore' to 'mmcstore.txt'(without quote)

Transfer that file to your computer and open that file to see the password.

No-3 | Use PC but don't expect your data back

Your card should be unblocked now, in case none of the above thing worked for you and now you don't care about the data inside the card then follow this.

  • Connect your card to the computer.
  • Right click on it and select format.
  • Follow on screen instruction to format the card.

This will format the card and remove the password.

This is how you remove password from a memory card. Always remember to use hard to guess and easy to remember password. If you can then write down the password somewhere. I hope I made this article clear for you. If you are facing any issue while performing the above mentioned methods then cmment down below or message me directly.

Play Legendary ATARI BREAKOUT Game on Google

Atari is the oldest digital gaming platform which use to be famous back then. We are now moved to the latest era with high-end gaming PC, console and many others things. But, we should not forget the beginning which changed the way we play games now. It also helped in building our new generation computers. Just imagine had Steve Jobs not worked at Atari then he wouldn't have that interest to build computer we wouldn't have seen the world we are now today.

Google knows this very well, and that is why Google decided to pay tribute to the Atari by bringing the legendary game Atari Breakout to the Google.

What is Atari Breakout?

Atari is the oldest digital gaming company which had maintained its name for a log decade as a gaming platform. It had built some iconic game which might see as outdated in today's graphic oriented generation, but they were a huge success back then. Those games are still exciting to play. Atari Breakout is one of those iconic games.People used to be crazy about the games. If you ask your parents or grandparents, you will know how cool this game used to be.

How to Play Legendary ATARI BREAKOUT game on Google?

On occasion of 37th anniversary of the game Atari Breakout, Google had decided to bring the game to pay tribute the iconic game. You know this is Google and do you believe Google will do something without a twist? The twist is, instead of using traditional brick, Google using little thumbnails of the search result as bricks. This game is interesting, and if you have any elder who misses this game, you can share with them. And enjoy their happiness.

  • Open and go to the image search. You can also go directly to Google image from here.
  • Search "ATARI BREAKOUT" without the quotes.
  • Hit enter and see the magic.
  • Google will turn every real search result as thumbnails and allows you to the play the game.

This is the sleekest way to pay tribute to a game which was a huge part of the evolution of tech.

Do you agree with me? Let's discuss.

How to Disable Mobile Data or Cellular Data for Specific App on iPhone and iPad

The Internet is essential for living a quality life. It is now a part of our life. The speed of internet is also increasing, and the price is going lower every year. There are different speed in different countries, but one thing that is common through out the world is the limited mobile data. You might get unlimited super speed internet in your home, but when it comes to mobile data, you pay more for just few GB data. Here in California, I pay 20 freaking dollars for just 4GB of data. When compare to my home network where I pay $50 for a 30mbps connection that also unlimited, the mobile data is expensive.

Thus we need to protect our data from getting wasted in things that we don't use. Smartphones are smart, and they do a lot of things, and for that, they need huge data. When we are connected to the home network, we don't see any issue of data, but when we connect to cellular, our data becomes precious.

Today we will be talking to disable apps from using mobile data on iOS. iOS is an advanced mobile OS, and there is no doubt about it. iOS offers a bunch of features that helps almost everyone. One of them is saving mobile data and preventing apps from using the internet when connected to the cellular data.

By default this option is off, we have to turn that On manually. It is an easy process, but sometimes  easy process makes a lot of confusion. That is why I am writing this article to tell you how you can disable apps from using mobile data on iPhone and iOS.

How to Disable Apps from Using Mobile Data or Cellular Data on iOS, iPhone, and iPad.

Before we move on, I should tell that this feature is pre-installed on your iPhone or iPad. Some sites may suggest you to use third party apps, don't listen to them because you can archive the same without jamming your phone with unnecessary apps.

  • Unlock your iPhone and head to settings.
  • Now navigate to cellular data option. Cellular data is also marked as mobile data in many countries.
  • A page will open with the option to enable and disable mobile/cellular data. If your data os off then turn that on. Without mobile data turning on you can not be procced to next.
  • Now scroll down until you see a list of all the installed and pre-installed apps. There will be a toggle beside each app.

  • This is the key. By default, all the apps are allowed to use mobile data. If you want to disable any app then just slide the toggle to turn off data for that particular app.
  • By this way look at all the app and disable apps that you think you should disable.

Now you are done, the apps you selected now won't be able to use your mobile data.

How to Play Android Games on Computer

Do you want to play your favorite Android game on your computer?

Are you missing that action game you played on your fre=iends but can not afford an android phone as of now?

Is your phone too slow to run any intense android game?

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above questions, then this guide is for you only.

Today we will teach you how to use Android games on any Windows based computer. By using the method, I will be mentioning here you will be able to enjoy the Android game on the computer easily.

The secret is a Windows software which is known as BlueStack.

BlueStack is an android emulator for android who acts like an android device inside of your computer. By using this software, you will be able to enjoy a perfect android with the power of your PC hardware. This concept is amazing and helps everyone to get a powerful Android device on Windows.

Enough of talking, let's go and see how this software work and how to install android games on computer.


These are not mandatory, but for better performances, you should make sure your computer has these below mentioned specs.

1. Make sure your computer has at least 512MB of RAM. The more is the RAM, the better will be the performance.

Make sure your computer has 1GB or more space. This allows the software to work perfectly.

Remember these are not mandatory. If you have lower memory and space than suggested one you can still enjoy the app.

How to Install Android Games on Computer

  • The very first step tells you to download and install the software to your computer.
  • Then open the program, this will now ask you to login to your Google account. This is an important task, and every Android device needs to be connected to any Google account.
  • Once you are logged in your account, it will take some time to setup all the important thing for. Please be patient and wait until it completes.
  • Now you will see a complete Android device on the screen. Open play store app from the home screen.
  • As we have already logged into the Google account, it should not ask for the sign. But if it does, then simply log in again.
  • Now search for the app that you want to install.
  • Click install and grant all permission if asked for.
  • When the install is done, open the app and enjoy.

This is how you install and play Android games on Windows computer. By using the same method, you can even use any other app on the computer.

Accelerate GPS on Your Android Devices

The Global Positioning System (GPS) on our smartphone is an exceptionally helpful feature. It works with Google Maps (it comes as an inbuilt app in the Android OS) to end up distinctly a smart personal health assistant by tracking the details of how many steps we have run or walk, or in later months even be used to chase down maverick Pokemon through the world famous Pokemon Go game.

If there is any problem with the GPS of your mobile then you won’t be able to chase down the Pokemons. That’s why it’s essential to make your mobile GPS friendly and avoid the issues related to GPS. Here we are going to discuss how to keep distance from the GPS issues in an Android phone.

The most effective method to accelerate GPS on Android: Grant access for location data

Always make sure one thing that the permission for getting precision location should be always active. If the message prompts up for granting access then click “OK”. If you are installing any new app then allow the app to excess your location when needed.

On the off chance that the application is now introduced on your gadget then you'll have to open the Settings menu then try to find out the Apps alternative in the Device option. Tap this then tap on the application itself. Keep scrolling down until you get on to the Permissions option, tap that then hope to check whether Location is allowed to excess or not.

Instructions to accelerate GPS on Android: Using High Accuracy

The GPS on your handset has a couple of various settings that influence both its precision and power utilization. In the event that you need the best GPS flag then you'll have to put your mobile in High Accuracy mode, yet know that this will deplete your battery somewhat snappier than the typical mode.

Changing the mode is simple. For that you'll have to open the Settings menu then under the Personal settings for Location. Just go there and check which one suits you most and get the best one according your usage.

When you tap on the “location settings” you will get three different settings. The first one is the “High accuracy” mode which we have mentioned about. Battery saver mode provides maximum power saving with not a high precision location detection system.

The most effective method to accelerate GPS on Android: GPS application

There are various GPS applications on the Google Play Store that are intended to change in unobtrusive ways. A standout amongst the most well known is GPS Status and Toolbox by MobiWIA, with more than 10 million downloads and a normal rating of 4.5/5. The essential rendition of the application is free, fusing a couple of advertisements, yet moving up to the Pro form just expenses £1.49, which is definitely justified even despite the cash.

SO what are you waiting for? Install now and have great fun because now you are incharge of your phone! Kudos! Stay tuned. 

How to Disable Doze Mode on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Doze mode was one of the USP's of Android marshmallow. Android had represented this as an advanced feature to save you from a dead phon...