Play Legendary ATARI BREAKOUT Game on Google

Atari is the oldest digital gaming platform which use to be famous back then. We are now moved to the latest era with high-end gaming PC, console and many others things. But, we should not forget the beginning which changed the way we play games now. It also helped in building our new generation computers. Just imagine had Steve Jobs not worked at Atari then he wouldn't have that interest to build computer we wouldn't have seen the world we are now today.

Google knows this very well, and that is why Google decided to pay tribute to the Atari by bringing the legendary game Atari Breakout to the Google.

What is Atari Breakout?

Atari is the oldest digital gaming company which had maintained its name for a log decade as a gaming platform. It had built some iconic game which might see as outdated in today's graphic oriented generation, but they were a huge success back then. Those games are still exciting to play. Atari Breakout is one of those iconic games.People used to be crazy about the games. If you ask your parents or grandparents, you will know how cool this game used to be.

How to Play Legendary ATARI BREAKOUT game on Google?

On occasion of 37th anniversary of the game Atari Breakout, Google had decided to bring the game to pay tribute the iconic game. You know this is Google and do you believe Google will do something without a twist? The twist is, instead of using traditional brick, Google using little thumbnails of the search result as bricks. This game is interesting, and if you have any elder who misses this game, you can share with them. And enjoy their happiness.

  • Open and go to the image search. You can also go directly to Google image from here.
  • Search "ATARI BREAKOUT" without the quotes.
  • Hit enter and see the magic.
  • Google will turn every real search result as thumbnails and allows you to the play the game.

This is the sleekest way to pay tribute to a game which was a huge part of the evolution of tech.

Do you agree with me? Let's discuss.

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